I’m back . . .

After a forced hiatus over the summer I am finally getting back into my studio to create. I wish I could say that I was deluged with ideas while I was “off” but that was not the case.

Painting – I have a love/hate relationship with this part of my creative process.┬áSome of the recycled metal I use on my pieces has text on the back; I use paint to cover this. I love the added color that painting gives my pieces, but I do not have the patience for painting. As an artist with no formal training, I think that paint should cover what you want covered on the first coat. Not true. Even good acrylic paint takes multiple coats. And then there is the transparency issue. When I select paint, I am choosing the colors that work with my mobiles. Only when I get home do I discover that the perfect blue is almost transparent and will take twice as many coats to cover the piece. After much frustration I discovered gesso, which helps. And I was thrilled to discover it comes in black as well as white.

So now I plan to spend hours painting multiple coats on my pieces. Fortunately my sawing skills have improved dramatically which frees up time for – painting!

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